超碰手机在线caoporoncaoporon手机在线超碰97caoporon超碰公开轻便灵巧可变形 JOBY入门款迷你三脚架套装试用


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Key features overview 
  • Compact and outstanding performance in humidication/moisturization/ sterilization
  • Quick and easy installation for the nozzle tips, can save installation time and maintenance time
  • High efficiency in humidication/moisturization/ sterilization
  • 20% air consumption reduction compare to tradition air atomizing nozzles
  • 6 orifice size available can meet your humidication/moisturization/ sterilization requirements
  • Compact, But Better Performance
20% reduction in air consumption, compared with that of MiniFoggerⅡ Higher Energy Saving

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